Prayer & Healing Evangelism on the Streets of Wymondham
Healing on the Streets (HOTS)

Healing on the Streets (HOTS) was started by the Causeway Coast Vineyard in Coleraine, N. Ireland, in 2005 (info). It involves putting up to 6 chairs out in the town centre and offering passers-by prayer for healing or any other need.

HOTS began in Wymondham one Saturday in November 2010 - with snow on the ground! Since then, the HOTS team has been offering prayer in the town centre once a month. In the first year 88 different people were prayed for and many encouraging conversations took place with passers-by.

Has anyone been healed? Certainly! Early in 2011 one local man came to City Church to testify that his painful back had been instantly healed when prayed for. In October one of our team members was instantly healed of a frozen shoulder.

As we invite the Holy Spirit to come on each person, we see burdens lifted, tears shed, and often a simple peace that the matter has, through Jesus Christ, been left with a Heavenly Father who is good, and who desires that everyone should know His healing love as we continue this ministry, we believe that the best is yet to come!


HOTS training is ongoing, if you would like to be involved please contact Mike at

Healing on the Streets Prayer & Healing Ministry