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Have Prayer for Revival in your area

What we need in our nation is an inter-denominational prayer movement that gathers leaders and churches together in cities and towns to stand together in regular prayer for revival and spiritual transformation.

Dr A. T. Pierson once said, ‘There has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or locality that did not begin in united prayer.'

William Crosbie in A Call To United Prayer, said, "One thing is certain: the Evangelical Revival originated in prayer; and another thing is certain: the mighty force by which it was borne along came through prayer. I now ask—Is the time not ripe for a renewal of the covenant of prayer, with wider inclusions? Is not the call to prayer the loudest of God’s calls today? Oh, what things would happen were there union among God’s people everywhere in prayer at the end of this century, and at the beginning of the next! What a power of God would come upon and into the Churches! And how the mighty evils that abound, and that baffle and defy us now, would be conquered and cast out, and the evangelisation of the nations of the earth, in a little while, become an accomplished fact!"

We invite you to communicate with us about establishing a Prayer for Revival centre in your city or town. Please register below:

How to Become a Prayer For Revival Centre