Serving at City Church

 Volunteers are indispensable at City Church! It is through their support and service that the church is able to provide a great Sunday experience as well as Life Groups, pastoral support, social events, youth activities and a daily administration and drop-in Hub.

We would love you become part of this amazing family serving the House. Every part of this church is important and we champion every single person. Whether you’re cleaning, on car park duty, leading praise and worship, operating media, serving refreshments, welcoming people, leading a team or group, setting up, serving children, young people or administration we would like you to know that you are part of something far bigger than yourself; building the House of God and His Kingdom!

In order to make it easy for everyone to volunteer in our church, there is no set minimum requirement or amount of time you can serve. Ideally, the majority of our volunteers are serving most weeks, however if you can only serve once a fortnight or once a month we would be delighted to make room for you too. Speak to one of the Welcome Team for a Volunteer Application Form.

Areas to volunteer include:

  1. Welcome Team
  2. New to Church Team & Welcome Lounge
  3. Info Desk
  4. Car Park
  5. Maintenance
  6. Catering & Hospitality
  7. New Christians Course
  8. Pastoral Care/Help
  9. Media Team
    1. Production (Sound & Lighting)
    2. Camera – photo & video
    3. Onscreen media (Words & Vision Mixing)
    4. Graphic Design and print
    5. Website & Social Media
    6. Church Marketing
    7. Video Production (Writing, Shooting & Editing)
  10. Life Group Leading
  11. The Hub (City Gates Centre)
  12. Special Events
    1. Wymondham Funday
  13. Transport
  14. Bump (Venue Set Up/Set Down)
  15. Worship Band (Musicians & Worship leaders)
  16. Children’s ministry & Creche
  17. Youth (12-19)
  18. Young Adults (20-30yrs)
  19. Social Events Team
  20. Administration
  21. Cleaning (City Gates Centre)


If you would like to volunteer at City Church, or join one of our teams, please contact the office.

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